Email Server Hosting (no IT knowledge is needed)

1) Vmail Server Hosting

2) Imail Server Hosting

3) Exchange Server (Small Business Server) Hosting

Excellent Email Server design for Small/Medium Business


Peer-to-Peer Network with a Hub.


Major Features:

Turnkey Solution no IT knowledge is required

Multi-Users (Unlimited Users)

Multi-Domains (by Virtual Address Mapping)

Multi-Lingual Web Mail

User Friendly Web Interface to add/manage users and domains

Support Unlimited Aliases




Build on stable software and internet standard:

  Support Standard Protocols : SMTP, POP3, IMAP, Webmail

  Market Proven Stable Kernel : Redhat Fedora, Postfix SMTP


Sales Hotline: 2851 3530


Important Note:

-          It is highly recommended to install Email Server behind a Firewall.

-          The operation of Email Server requires fixed IP broadband or lease line.

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