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All Servers locate in Data Centres with high-speed connection
Record of 99.95% uptime of Web and Email Services
Windows 2003 Server platform for Web and Email: The Strongest Security
Monthly Web Statistics


Microsoft Windows 2000 Home

We support both MS Windows 2003/2008 Server and Red Hat Linux Server

Our Web hosting package for SME (Small and Medium Enterprise)

Basic Plan (HK$208.00 per month):

support www.yourcompany.com or www.yourcompany.net
support you@yourcompany.com or you@yourcompany.net
1GB for your web site 
50 POP email accounts (support Webmail) (1GB per user)
support ASP, ASP.NET, XML, MS Access Database
support PHP, MySQL
free scripts: form-to-email & hits counter
monthly web statistics

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Setup Fee:

No Setup Fee 

Registration Charge for Domain Name:

US (www.yourcompany.com) : HK$280 per year
Local (www.yourcompany.com.hk) : HK$200 per year
China (www.yourcompany.com.cn) : HK$300 per year
Other countries : domain such as .cc or .to, please call for details

Optional Dedicated Server Rental or Co-Location:

HK$2180 per month and up
Please call at 2851 3530 for more information.

Optional Web-Page Design Service:

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Email : sales@188web.com

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