Frequently Asked Questions - FAQs

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What is a virtual domain (or web hosting)?

A Virtual Domain means having your own domain ( without having to install expensive server hardware and software. With a Virtual Domain(or web hosting), you utilize our server's storage space, however, you are still professionally represented via your own Internet web address domain name ( and by your own personal e-mail address domain name (

What steps do I need to take to set-up a web hosting or virtual domain?

Simply signup with us by filling out an order form or call (852) 2851 3530.

We will then assist you in transferring an existing domain or registering for a new domain to be placed on our servers.

When you say annually, do you mean pay you all the money up front, or pay monthly for one year?

You must pay the full year at once in order to receive the yearly discount.

Is there any additional charge for data transferred per month, or hits?

No, hits are unlimited!

What is the time needed to make space on your server available?

Space will be made available the same business day! Once an account is set-up an activation notice will be sent to you via e-mail including your user-ID, password.

Who is InterNIC or HKDNR?

The InterNIC or HKDNR is an independent organization (formed by government) responsible for controlling the US or HK domains respectively.

Do you offer Business Broadband Internet access?

Yes, but we can provide Internet Access to our clients in Hong Kong only.

Whom can I contact by phone or e-mail if further questions come up?

The easiest is to respond to or you can call (852) 2851 3530.

Are your servers connected 24 hours a day, 7 days a week?

Yes. They are always connected and monitored.

What are your server types: Windows 2000? Linux? Both? 

We use Windows 2000 Server (default) and Redhat Linux platforms.

Do you have FTP access?

Yes, we provide FTP access with the account.

Do you have a limit on the FTP transfer?

No. There is no limit. You can update your pages an unlimited amount of times, at any time you wish.

How many client sites are put on each web server? Do you move sites to different servers if a given server has a high load? Is this monitored?

We do move clients according to demand. We keep the peak CPU load below 50% on all machines.

Do you support ASP scripts and MS Access 2000 database?

Yes, our default server is Windows 2000 Server.  It can support ASP with MS Access 2000 database, XML and Frontpage Server Extension.

Do you provide a CGI-BIN personal directory?

Yes, a CGI-BIN is providing for you if you are choosing our Redhat Linux Server.

What is CGI access?

CGI scripts (Common Gateway Interface) are used to provide things like counters, form responses, guest books, and many other things.

Do you charge additional fees for hosting a secure web site?

Yes, it is an optional feature for basic plan.

May I promote my web site with bulk email?

No, spamming is in violation of our service agreement. There are legal and ethical issues involved in mass mailing of unsolicited email. Any user of our services who has sent a large number of unsolicited email will have their account closed within 24 hours.

Do you host foreign domains?

Yes, we host foreign domains as well as local domains.

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